Stoyan Stoyanov

Born on 11 March 1984 in Varna. Graduate from Kr. Sarafov NATFA in Prof. Dora Ruskova's class in 2007. Actor at SPT, Varna since August 2007. Cast: in the Training Puppet Theatre - The Princess and the Pig-tender - the King, A Memory of Petrushka - the Charlatan, in the performances Sua, Thirst, The Music of My Hands, The Little Baba Yaga. In Varna SPT: Little Ida`s Flowers, Christmas Tree, Visit to Grandma Marta, Sleeping Beauty, Some Peculiarities of the…Puppet Theatre, Mozart and Salieri,The Cave and the Shadows,The Princess and the Pig-tender, Beauty and the Beast, Christmas Frolic with Tsvyatko and Bradatko, The Beauty is Sleeping, Puss in Boots, Grandpa and the Turnip, Christmas Stars, The Happy Prince, The Island of Songs, Allegro Vivace, Outlook of a Stump, Bollywood, Christmas Magic, Nine and a Bit , Mushroomy , The Magic Tinder, With a Light Step and Other Tries, Legally Liar, Christmas Entertainment,The Dog That Could Not Bark , Silent Legends etc. Awards: collective prize for the plays A Memory of Petrushka, Sua, Thirst, The Music of My Hands at the festival Mihail Lakatnik, Yambol, 2007