Memento Moni

Memento Moni - the final part of the movie "White tale of the Black sea"

Memento Moni is the final part of the soundtrack to The White tale of the Black Sea.
It is inspired by the literature of the Italians Rennaissance.
Dante wrote his sonnets for Beatrice during the trecento – the 14th century. Simeon describes the time when he was a student delving into the intricacies of the Italian rennaissance as his ‘cretinocento’. Rather self-deprecating, Simeon is. Likes word play, too. Moni from the title of the composition is short for Simeon. Kind of like saying, remember you are mortal too, Moni. One more bad pun and he will find out for himself...

Written and performed by Simeon Germanov
Recorded at Retro Studio