Sapareva Banya - the Beginning of the Beginning

There is a rule - where there is water, there are good conditions for the creation of a prosperous city. This namely has helped Sapareva Banya in difficult moments and moreover it preserved its prosperity till nowadays. One journey through time together with Jonas Tolkington.

Germanea was a town on the border between the provinces of Thrace and Macedonia. The first Roman emperor Julius Caesar used this name to refer remote, wild and dangerous territories that were not fully subject to the Great Roman Empire. But why did the Romans called this town Germanea and was it really so hostile? Germanea is translated as Sapareva.In the language of the Thracians this means steaming, scalding and hot. And the reason for this name flows all around the city- the springs of life. Water is the predestined fate of Sapareva Bayna. Ancient people worshiped this miracle of nature as a God. The region was marked by the military campaigns of legendary commanders. It was the birth place of mysticsm and ancient teachings which are alive till today. Every summer near the Seven Rila Lakes gathers the followers of the Universal White Brotherhood. “Nature loves only those who have big ideas.”- taught the founder Peter Dunov. Sapareva Banya – built on the ruins of the ancient Germanea is the beginning of the beginning.

Executive Producer