Malko Tarnovo: The Kingdom of Light

The legend of the enigmatic Egyptian princess Bastet still lives in the forests of Strandzha. Is this the haunting curse of the Pharaoh or sign of a divine wisdom? We may never know but one is sure that even the pirates can reach enlightenment here. The mystical story of one town settled in the mountain reigned by everlasting peace and light.

The harmony between light and darkness has fired the imagination since human consciousness came into being. Ancient peoples were seeking answers to the chaos of the universe. What the ancient science could not explain was transformed into mythology. Most likely this is how the ancient sun cult was born. 4000 years ago in the mountain Strandzha, situated today in south-eastern Bulgaria, a mythical Thracian ruler built a cult complex. These marble blocks bounded by a perfect circle were probably used for sun-worship rituals, that later became part of ancient Greek philosophy and the Roman culture. The concept of Light and Darkness, strongly connected with death is a dominating idea till today.
One myth still lives in the forests of Strandzha. The legend of the enigmatic Egyptian princess Bastet. After along and dangerous voyage along the River Nile, the princess reached the Black Sea coast, where she finally found what she was looking for. A place reigned by everlasting peace and light. Where the sun rays always break through. Princess Bastet embodied the life-giving force of the sun. She was part of the pantheon of the god Ra - the daughter of the Sun. Because of the variety of tragedies, people in the region say that the notorious Curse of the Pharaoh – also haunts on the Bulgarian land. A curse of divine wisdom. In ancient times trade in valuable materials along the Black See coast, made Tsarevo in Strandzha a busy seaport. Pirates were soon attracted from everywhere. But curiously enough, they also have reached enlightenment. In the beginning of the 20th century- the bloodiest in human history, the strong belief in liberation temporaly turned Malko Tarnovo region into a Free Republic. There is always something that happened here to shed some light over the gloom. Strandzha is a special place where the sun rises above the darkness and above death itself. A wonderful story of one town and its magic.

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