Dobrich-City of Reconciliation

Charity is an American working for a company in the Romanian port city of Mangalia. Today she’s going on vacation. She has chosen to rest in one of the resorts most beloved by Bulgarians and Romanians - Albena. It is less than 80 km from Mangalia on the Black Sea. She also will be meeting there with Laura, a friend who she has not seen for two years.

Civilization in the Dobrich region and Dobrudja began approximately seven millennia ago. That's when the Earth's climate warmed by about 5 degrees with no other significant environmental changes. Huge amounts of seawater burst through the Bosphorus Straits from melting glaciers. Then, the huge freshwater lake below sea level turned into the Black Sea. In a very short time though, over 100,000 square miles of coastal area were resettled by the inhabitants of the area. They were a very organized society, and most of the important historical events remained in the memory of the survivors of that time and their descendants. Probably right there and then began the myth of the Biblical flood. Meanwhile,the indigenes peoples of Mesopotamia were already building their homes out of clay, and the Egyptians learned to breed animals instead of hunting for food. The pyramids were not yet built. In Dobrudja it was a bit different. Along with agriculture, the inhabitants there had already processed gold. The oldest known processed gold in the world. From here begins the story of Dobrich.

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