The Builders Who Put the Clock back to the Future

The first Bulgarian film ever made about the prominent Bratsigovo builders

They have built houses, bridges, towers and churches without drawing a single draft. Their famous extravagant style reached even Istanbul. These uncompromising men were highly respected by Catholics, Muslims and even by the sultan. Similar to the Masons, the Bratsigovo builders had their own community, language and traditions. The Beginning of the 16th Century. The Hordes of the Ottoman Empire are demolishing the splendid palace architecture of the invaded Bulgarian Kingdom. Four and a half centuries later, everything had to start again from scratch. The Bratsigovo builders occupied a special place in this architectural process that will change the history of the Balkan Peninsula. From dug into the ground churches to unique masterpieces like the church of the Holy Virgin in Pazardjik. One impressive story about art and revolution, told by the British actor and musician Mark Bossanyi.

Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Кадри от филма (фотогалерия)