Veselina Kalcheva

Born on 29 August 1980 in Varna. In 2006, she completed her puppetry studies at Kr. Sarafov NATFA in Prof. Rusen Rachev's class. She is a member of the SPT Varna company since 2006. Casting in: The Cave and the Shadows, Yanek and Hanka - Hanka, Santa Claus' Assistant,The Red Riding Hood on Christmas Eve, Spring Frolics, The Little Parrot Rony - Lenny, Little Ida's Flowers – Ida, Some Peculiarities of the…Puppet Theatre, Beauty and the Beast, Christmas Magic, The Curious Friedrich, Christmas Statrs, The Island of Songs, Bollywood, Christmas Magic, Nine and a Bit, The Fabulous Princess, Christmas Bells, Silent Legends etc.Awards: collective Varna Prize for The Cave and the Shadows 2007.