Simeon Germanov

A Single Grandpa without a Single – Simeon Germanov (Dedo Moni)

Simeon Germanov (aka Dedo Moni) plays the guitar, sometimes sings, and most often is engaged in other, less exciting things. He is argumentative and explosive but much prefers to read good books, no Paulo Coelho, thank you, please. To him, television means giggling for half an hour in the company of Al Bundy and family. He is from Sofia. He is university-educated (a linguist, of all things) and his life even more prosaic than his education. He authored the music for his own DUBOTUR project and for various films from the catalogue of Five Star Media, he plays the guitar for the band Babas&Diados, is the solo star of numerous freelance appearances in pubs, bars, music halls and stadia and likes to perform hits from the 30s all the way to the grindcore antimusic of now. Moni has no hobbies. He is too preoccupied with himself. He loves the Beatles, laughter, the Black Sea, Czech beer, the natural colour of female hair. He loves rock in general, music for the most part, theatre as a spectator and cinema classics as a mere fan. He likes four-door sedans, old-time heavy metal, romantic-era football and honesty. He believes in God, is a sinner and a nudist. He cannot read music. He is cosmetically challenged. He is bald. A pacifist by conviction. Believes in continuing education and the benefits of a long memory. Supports Levski Sofia, the soccer club. Usually a reliable friend. Moni wrote the music for Sofia – The History of Europe, Batak, The Valley of Saints, White Tale of a Back Sea,Asenovgrad – Heavenly Jerusalem, Sapareva Banya – Beginning of the Beginning, Etropole – Legends of Greatness, Stara Zagora – Witness to History, Pernik - a sudden halt, Yambol- the town of living magic, Vratsa - perseverance to the end