Ruslan Grudev - Rocko

Robin Hood Plays the Blues – Though Not By the Mississipi

Ruslan Grudev is one of millions of East Europeans who went through the great change of 1989, the fall of the Wall and the general shattering of illusions that followed. But Rocko, as he is known around Sofia is not a man who ever lived with illusions. To survive and create a name for yourself in the febrile times following the end of the communist experiment was not a job for the weak-minded, wimpy or the poseur, especially if you hail from a romantic – and totally inconsequential – part of the country. Nowadays Rocko is an established name in Bulgarian showbusiness. A supervisor, editor and soundman to numerous movies, TV series (the hit Glass House is one example), ads, reality formats, concert recordings and God only knows what else, Rocko is now a seasoned pro. Says he, when life serves you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Crack your beer open, whip out your mouth organ and growl at the assorted mummy’s boys and girls, sleek poseurs and general fauna that populates the ‘entertainment’ industries. Rocko has no dreams. He lives them. And the blues, as well as cinema are nothing if not dreams-come-true. The end goal of a life well lived. Especially when you are a founder of bands like B.A.R.S. and Highball. Separately, Rocko manages all types of digital movie formats as Arri RAW, SONY XAVC, Red RAW, SI. Also is a master of publishing, online editing, audio recording and editing, postproduction supervising and on and on. Ruslan Grudev is the editor and sound engineer to Asenovgrad – Heavenly Jerusalem and Stara Zagora – Witness to History. .