Milena Raycheva

Humankind Has Not Changed in Two Thousand Years – Milena Raycheva

She wrote her PhD on the cult of Roman Emperors in the Bulgarian lands. She is of the opinion that human nature has not progressed one bit over the past two thousand years. She is primarily interested in religion during Antiquity and has her mind set on writing at least one book on the subject. She would like to study a Roman temple. She loves muralpainting and potrtrait sculpture. Together with her colleagues Iliana Borisova, Andrey Aladjov and Snezhana Goryanova, Milena Raycheva is the force behind the resurrection, after detailed archaeological study, of the Western gate of Roman Serdica and its transformation into a site of public and tourist interest worthy of note in a European capital rich in heritage. Her youth belies her experience: PhD, various postdoc specialisations, serious theoretical grounding and practical work. She is fluent in Italian and English. She has a working knowledge of Greek and Latin. She is amazingly erudite and broad-minded. She has a bright future in academia, for sure.