Mariana Jikic

Cinderella of the Largo

Mariana Jikic is the first holder of Bulgaria’s most prestigious theatrical prize, Askeer, for the municipal theatre Vazrajdane, Sofia. She received it for her performance in Nikolai Polyakov’s staging of Lucas Berfus’ The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents at Sofia’s Vuzrazhdane Theatre. Following that triumph, she is now considered a prima donna of thesmall but very competittive Vazrazhdane house. She graduated from Sofia’s elite NATFIZ film and theatre academy. Mariana has a wealth of experience in cinema. She starred in Ivanka Grabcheva’s One Calorie of Tenderness, Lilly’s Vacation, The Devil’s Tail by Dimitar Petkov and the TV series Where is Maggie? Her portfolio has depth and variety rarely encountered at present: she is equally at home playing dramatic and comedic parts as well as featuring in children’s plays. Mariana is the face of Sofia – the History of Europe together with Sylvia Lulcheva, Terry Randal, Father Kazakin and Merete Baun.