Jeff Groves

A Texan Dream Come True

Jeff Grooves is living proof that there is such a thing as an American nation! His roots are French, Irish, Czech, Native American. And Jeff, or Buddy Yamas as he likes to be known considers himslef Texan before anything else. His nom de plume came in handy while he was playing the cobbled streets of Paris and the dusty dancing halls of his native land. Jeff toured Europe and North America with a number of popular bands: Big Car, Dino Lee, Iron John, the Grammy-nominated Fastball. He was awarded a gold and platinum record in the United States for his work as a composer. His favourite instrument is the saxophone. Computers are his other passion. He is known to have tried to make beer too, using Dutch ingredients and Bulgarian water. Having long since attained adulthood, Jeff is still an avid fan of Joseph Conrad and Herman Melville. His last band, The Small Stars released two albums that are available online on iTunes and elswhere. In Bulgaria he can be heard (and seen) playing for his latest venture, The Wedding Party. Jeff loves to travel and he never loses sight of his hand-made Texan boots. Maybe they are the true emanation of the Texan dream. Jeff played himself and the legendary war correspondent Januarius MacGahan in Batak – the Valley of Saints.