Iliana Borisova

How to Make a Happening Out of Science - Iliana

In situ is the latest trend in the presentation of new and significant archaelological finds – directly at the place of discovery, exibiting themunder the open skies, in their authentic surrounding.

Iliana is a pioneer in overcoming dry academism in order to popularise archaeology, history and museum work.

She studied all three in great detail, as well as the latest tendencies in in situ curatorship. Iliana is an expert in the cultural legacy of late Antiquity.

The mixture of archaelogical knowledge, museum experience and teaching practice make her invaluable for the task of translating what is often quaint and esoteric scientific lingo for the purpose of popularising Antiquity and presenting it adequatly to a thoroughly modern world.

Iliana Borisova is the face of the documentary The Western Gate of the Eastern Roman Empire.