Georgi Varamezov

The Defender of Music – Georgi Varamezov

Georgi Varamezov is one of the most sought-after session musicians in Bulgaria. He is equally at home in the studio and on stage. He has worked with numerous Bulgarian pop and rock stars such as Django Ze, Milena, Nina Nikolina, Charisma, Irina Florin, Ostava, ROBTF, Donnie and Nettie have all availed themselves of his expert services. He studied bass at Sofia University, he taught drums, guitar and theory in Musicroom. A strict disciplinarian in practice, his tastes range far and wide. He is never a slave to fashion and approaches every task creatively and professionally. He is no mere support act though support he does and so well that he is very much in demand. His own band Sekta is a very interesting phenomenon on the contemporary Bulgarian scene. He is also indispensible to Simeon Germanov’s own band, Dubotur where he contributes virtuoso musicianship, impeccable taste and organisational skill. .