The sea takes on a special significance for Simeon Germanov and Stepan Polyakov. Friends since they were toddlers, their friendship grew and matured on the Black sea coast having spend decades worth of summers near Ahtopol together. They dug for hidden treasures. They traced the footsteps of pirates. They saw adventure films in open air theatres. They played beach football. Their boyhood was intimately connected with the sea and sand and sun ever since the beginning of the 70s.

Lileto’s Theme is dedicated to Simeon’s mother, Lilia – Maya Vladigerova. She was Simeon’s early confidante and inspired him for many an adventure. Lileto’s Theme is his little token of appreciation for his mum, the remarkable Bulgarian stage actress Lilia-Maya Vladigerova.

The compostion is part of the soundtrack to “White Tale of the Black Sea”.

Written and performed by Simeon Germanov
Recorded at Retro Studio